How 90’s are my nails right now?? My nails look so Naomi Campbell x Versace and I have to thank the love NARS team for introducing me to such a fierce shade!! When I opened my NARS parcel, I did gravitate towards NARS Thatos but I have to admit that Pastorale compliments my skintone a lot more and makes me look like I’ve just had a manicure in a tropical location.

I’ve never tried any nailpolishes from NARS before they reformulated their range but I have to admit that I really love whatever they’ve done as NARS ‘Iconic Colour’ Pastorale Nail Polish (RRP £15) is just a pleasure to work with. Pastorale is a beautiful foil-like, bronze shade with super faster drying power.

nars_iconic_color_pastorale_nailpolish_bronze_nailpolish_epiphanniea_review nars_iconic_color_pastorale_nailpolish_epiphanniea_review_brush_close_up nars_iconic_color_pastorale_nailpolish_bronze_nailpolish_black_girl_dark_skin_epiphanniea_review

According to NARS, they’ve improved their nail polish range’s wear time and strengthening power – which I obviously can’t comment on as I have never used any nailpolishes from their previous range but – I do admit that Pastorale lasted for about a week with minor tip damage. I think my favourite aspect of this nailpolish is it’s brush. I am IN LOVE with chunky nail brushes as I can actually apply polish on my nails without getting it every where – I’m a very messy nail painter – and the brush carries just the right amount of formula that you actually get a very opaque finish in just on coat. I obviously love this shade and think it’s a winner but let me know what you think.

NARS Pastorale Nailpolish costs £15.00 and can be bought from the NARS Website and your local NARS Counter.