I’m forgetful.
I know this and I accept this about myself
*Hugs Self*.
This will probably sound really bad coming from me as I do know what doing this does to my skin but I always find myself falling asleep with my makeup on. I know it’s bad and the makeup gods would smite me on the spot for this but when it comes to taking off my makeup at night, I tend to forget.
That’s why when it comes to taking off my makeup at night, it needs to be done quickly. I need to know that whatever I’m using works quickly and will take off a day’s worth of mascara and black eyeliner.
While I do love my Garnier Cleansing milk, it does more hydrating that removal and let’s face it, your face isn’t really clean unless you get all you rmakeup off, otherwise it’s a half-hearted effort.
Newly re-packaged, Biore’s Makeup Removing wipes are a highstreet dermatologically tested and ophthalmologist tested solution to instantly and effectively remove the most stubborn parts of your makeup routine.
What really won me over with these wipes (apart from the fact that they are hypo-allergic)  is that they are quick, affordable (£1.99 people) and don’t dry out my skin, however and I do find this a bit odd . . . it seems to only take off certain brands of waterproof mascara.
As many beauty hoarders, I tend to switch up the products day to day. I found that the Biore wipes; 4 out of 5 times, took off all my eyeliner and mascara and scrubbed my face clean but once . . it didn’t. I still had  a bit of mascara and lash glue residue stuck to my lashes.
I don’t know what happened. I’m assuming that the mascara formula I used on the day, just wanted to be stubborn and deny the influence of my cleansing wipes but on the whole these wipes are amazing and better still, 25 wipes come in a pack.
How do you take off your makeup at night? So you tend to pamper yourself or rather just get it over with?
*Disclaimer:- I did not purchase this product. It was either given to me to review or for my own personal enjoyment*