Some like it curly . . . I need it poker straight! No excuses!!
Doesn’t it just grind your gears when you need your hair to be poker straight but the Hair gods just don’t seem to care, or have hearing problems??!!
Since I’ve been rocking a full fringe hairstyle for the last few months, I have really come to realise that putting the best straightening products in, can save you from looking like a portable bird’s nest. and a wrestling match with your paddle brush. A few weeks ago, I was contacted me asked whether I would like to review the GHD Straight and tame creamfrom their Style Range and I(being the experimenter that I am) jumped at the opportunity.
What They Say
Bring curly and rebellious hair under control with this luxurious taming cream that calms, smoothes, straightens and protects against heat damage with each application” You can “Tame and de-frizz hair throughout the day by working a little cream through your style”
What I Say.
Having had about 3 weeks to play around with the GHD Style Straight and Tame Creamand having used it on both my human hair extensions and my natural hair. There are many things I happen to LOVE about this product and a few things I could do without.
No flash 
 The packaging for the Style Straight and Tame cream is absolutely gorgeous! I love how sleek and simple it looks,  the emerald colour code is vibrant and captivating, and really stands out against the black packaging. Now what I cant stand about the packaging is the cap. I know this is a touch silly but I am extremely biased towards products with caps on them and I do just tend to throw them away (or lose them)but this product comes with a pump(which I love)so it trumps the cap fiasco. The cream is very light, non sticky and smells . . . manly . . . I don’t know how to describe the smell correctly but it does bring back memories of an aftershave my Dad used to use when I was younger; so I kept having memory lane throwbacks every time I’ve used it.
I’ve used the straight and tame cream by itself, with just serums, in combination with my John Frieda 3 day straight and as a dry tame cream and I can honestly say that this product is like diamond dust for human hair extensions. My hair did stay straighter for longer during washes, the longest duration it stayed straight was 5 days which is bloody amazing!!! I loved it as a tame cream and would definitely recommend it for that. However as a tame cream for relaxed afro hair . .  not so much. GHD’s Style Straight and Tame would be a perfect addition to your blow drying routine but I felt that on my natural hair it can be a little bit drying.
Overall I do quite like this product and will be adding it to my hair care routine, so I will be leaving you with a little instruction video courtesy of GHD on how to use properly use the Style Straight and Tame for the best results . . .Enjoy
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to review. This has not affected my review in any way, shape or form