I can’t believe I’m saying this but after complaining about how bad the weather has been in London recently and wanting the sun to come out, I am so happy to see the sun go.

I just couldn’t deal with the heat wave that hit London for the best part of this week. I was just hot, sweaty, uncomfortable and frankly a bit nauseated from the stink of sweat and body odor radiating off some people on the underground. So with the choices of having my foundation melt off my face *cue in creams of ‘I’m meelllltttiiinnngggg’* or powder my face til I look airbrushed, my makeup for the last few days has been minimal to none-existent as the thought of weighing down my skin with anything was just not comprehendible.

I have quite good skin so leaving my house without any makeup is not really that big of a deal, but I really hate how huge my pores look when I don’t wear any foundation; It’s like I’ve got an advanced level minesweeper minefield all over my nose, so I’ve just been using a primer to try and even out my pores.

 L’oreal Paris Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer is my choice for a primer to use in the hot weather mainly because it is not a liquid or gel, and comes in a baby pink, air -whipped, matte mousse formula; which as you can imagine is quite light.

Right on cue, this primer does what it says it would do and seems to ‘fill in’ my pores and makes them less obvious to the eye. It lasts roughly all day and I find that if I use it on specific target areas, I do not look as hot & sweaty as I did sans primer.


For a drugstore/highstreet product this is very expensive. You only get 15ml of product in a teeny pot, which could probably be used up in less that a month if used regularly. My only negative points are that I find that it can make me look quite pale (but this might be more me using a heavy hand than the primer itself) and that it takes absolutely ages to blend foundation over this without getting a weird streaky look.
Have you tried this primer before? Did you think its a summer essential? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this tiny product.