MAC Lipstick is the newest pink in my lipstick collection, bring my bright pink lipsticks to a confusing four.
When the heck did I buy so many? And more important how did I get suckered in to buying so many???
Lickable is a hot and very bold fuschia pink-berry colour with a blue undertone that would be great for summer.
It’s a cremesheen so expect this lipstick to have great wearability, a creamy formula, a great colour payoff and the infamous MAC lipstick vanilla smell.
Now while it does have a great colour pay off when built up, this lipstick comes off as semi-opaque, so depending on your preference that could be what yo umight be looking for or a deal breaker
Now while I’m still in a state of confusion on why I own so many bright lipstick, I just have to say that I  love the name of the shade . . . say it slowly with me lliiiiicccckkkkaaaabbbllllleeeeeee looool
I would love to say I preferring for the summer months and that why I own this . . but we all know it was an impulse buy.
What’s been your latest impulse buy?? Or better yet what do you think is an awesome lipstick for summer so I can add this to my mental impulse buy checklist??
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