I’m not really into bright lipsticks . . . or pink lipsticks for that matter, but the urge to wear this blue-toned pink lipstick is bringing me to my knees.
Now as I mentioned last week in my ‘3 Lipsticks of Westfield’ haul post, MAC’s Speak Louder lipstick was a bit of an impulse buy and while I did like the mauvey looking lipstick in store, I thought that I would wear this once and banish it to the bottom of my lipstick draw til Summer however once I got home and tried it on my lips . . . It was love at first application.
MAC Speak Louder is just such an easy colour to wear as it has a low-sheen finish while still being creamy . . . and I really do love my creamy lipsticks.
Is Speak Louder a Summer shade for you? Or have you not even started thinking about your summer lippies yet?