I have said this before, and I will say it again. There really is no such thing as a red lipstick that doesn’t suit you. Red lipstick suit EVERYONE!!! You just have to know what undertones work best with your skin tone and then go on a discovery mission to collect every lipstick tube with that undertone.
What I adore about red lipsticks is just how versatile the colour is. You really just never know how workable a red lippie is . . . until you fall head over heels in love with a shade and for me, my red lipstick crush of choice is Rockalily’s Man’s Ruin
I first came across Man’s Ruin at the ZOMG Bloggers Bash event last month and I swear this shade just hypnotised me. Unfortunately for me, it was out of stock the day after the event *rotten timing on my part*  so being the rational and responsible blogger that I am, I stalked the Rockalily website, their twitter page and also their creator’s Reereerockette’s twitter page until I found out that they had a few more tubes of Man’s Ruin in stock.
On the website’s stock pictures and when compared to other vibrant red lipsticks, Man’s Ruin does tend to come off looking very purple toned and it would be forgiveable to assume that it was a purple lipstick shade rather than a purple-berry red. When I wear it however, I do not see any purple at all!!! This shows up as a dark wine red that is absolutely spot on with my skin shade and as an added bonus, I think it even makes my teeth looks whiter than normal.
I don’t think anyone really understands just how much I adore this lipstick. Apart from it’s gorgeous and rich colour, the lipstick formula feels soo nice. My lips feel nourished and soft under the lipstick. The Rockalily lipsticks are enriched with vitamin E so are not drying in any way, shape or form, and as an added bonus the lasting time is phenomenal
 I really love this red lipstick and thought it would be perfect to share with you as part of my Colour themed Makeup Series that I am currently running. What do you think? Have I tempted you into give Man’s Ruin a go??