First things, first, I have super sensitive skin and I break out like crazy when my skin comes in contact with naturally derived products; hence why you will probably never see me do a review on any Lush products – The rash I got was unbelievable!!! (Is that too much information?).
I was VERY apprehensive about trying out this product set, even with its guarantees of being sensitive and friendly to skin because let’s face it, a lot of brands claim that and I still end up looking like a pin cushion, but Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects Product Set gets my full recommendation as I haven’t reacted once!!!!
So let’s get on with the review . . .
So I have been using the MaryKay Botanical Effects Products that I received from the Mary Kay Botanical Effects Event as my main skincare products for the last month and I thought that it might finally be time to review it, especially as I’ve used it so much that it is starting to feel CONSIDERABLY lighter that when I first got it.

Catering to the 4 skin types within their 2 Botanic formulations; Normal to Dry and Combination to Oily, each Botanic Effect Formulation Range includes a cleanser, freshener mask and moisturiser which promises to cleanse, freshen and hydrate your skin. The Normal to Dry line, which I am using is packed with Flaxseed extract and Sea Kelp, as well as an exclusive and special anti-oxidant rich complex that includes Silymarin (milk thistle) and Luo Han Guo, which are both power antioxidants that help to defend environmental damage and promote healthy skin.

*Did I just use the Lotion to wash my face instead of the Cleanser??*
I kid you not! This actually went through my head the first time I put the Mary Kay Botanical Effects Cleanser (rrp.£13) to work. With no exfoliating beads or bits in its formula, it could be quite easy to confuse with the Mary Kay Botanical Effects Lotion when in an early morning daze.
At first I was a bit upset that it didn’t have an exfoliating beads in its formula because I quite like giving my skin a good scrub in the mornings but as the weeks went on, I realised that I didn’t want any beads near my face. The cleanser feels just like moisturising milk and gives my skin a silky wake-up.
Out of the whole Botanical Effects Collection, the MaryKay Botanical Effects Mask (rrp. £15) is what I would sacrifice half my makeup collection for (and honestly that is saying A LOT!!!). This is the only thing I have that makes my skin happy after a peak time session on the Central and Northern Underground Line.
I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!!!!!!
As a mask, this works excellently. I use this about once or twice a week for 10-15 mins, just before I go to bed and it just makes my skin feel amazing! It feels like it stripped off the gunk off my face and I cant accurately describe the feeling but it felt like my skin was finally allowed to breath.
*How the flip do I use this??*
Beauty products don’t normally catch me out but I honestly had NO CLUE how to use this properly. The lack of clear directions and the name ‘Freshener’ actually threw me off because I couldn’t work out how exactly it was supposed to freshen my skin.
At first I assumed it was a makeup setting mist . . . word for the wise. . it is NOT! A jet of product almost hit me in the eye!!
So with a little bit of trail and error, lots of Google research and an email to the PR, I worked out that the Mary Kay Botanical Effect’s Freshener (rrp. £13) actually works as a toner.
Out of the 4 products in the range, I barely actually used this one mostly in the first few weeks because by the time I had worked out what it was for, I felt the Freshener was a bit unneeded but after reading an article lately about the importance of using a toner, I jumped back on the toner wagon and I found that it actually takes off any makeup that seems to be lurking around after my cleansing and mask.
The Botanical Effects Lotion (rrp. £19) is light, hydrating and unlike many lotions does not leave a waxy residue on my skin. Hands on my heart I could definitely see myself repurchasing this lotion over and over again. At first this got relegated to night-time duty because doing the day it looked like a flipping shiny beacon went off under my foundation. The shine was intergalactic! However it turned out it wasn’t the Botanical Effects Lotion giving me the shine but rather me attempting to put on my foundation with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush . . . so back on Day –duty it went.
This lotion is lightweight but not too lightweight that it vanishes in 5 secs and you find yourself wondering if you put on lotion on in the first place and  it doesn’t leave a waxy finish
So Summary = Light weight + Hydrating
So that’s my review of Mary Kay’s recently launched Botanical Effects Range. You can buy the whole set or individual products on the Mary Kay website. I can see myself repurchasing at least two products in the set, and if I was pushed to only make one choice. The Mask is definitely the winner.
Do you think brand skincare sets should only work together or you should pick what you like and know you will use it?
*Disclaimer:- I did not purchase this product. It was either given to me to review or given in an event goody bag. This is no way or form affects my review