In my familySoap, Water and Lotionare probably the extent of our skincare routine as we all have normal skin with minimal imperfections, this might sound great and you are probably already hating on me for that but when you couple a clear complexion with being allergic to almost every ingredient on the planet . . . you understand the soap and water approach.

I am honestly not the biggest skincare advocate and rarely ever blog or try out skincare brands or products unless I get introduced to them as I really don’t know that much about them. I just know what works for me and what breaks me out.
Simple black and white.
The fact that I suffer from so many allergies also makes it a lot harder for me to try out natural skincare brands that do not animal test their ingredients in anyway or form as I feel that the ingredients are much harsher and use a mixture of products I am allergic to so I end up with an awful rash which takes a minimum of 2-3 weeks to leave.

I was recently introduced to Naked Skin which is a 97% natural skincare/haircare brand that are 100% transparent about what ingredients go into their products. If you check out their website they will tell you that while they use natural extracts like Sunflower, Cocoa Butter and Argan Oil, and have no toxic parabens and petrochemicals, they are not 100% natural because they want to ensure that the products you are buying are preserved properly so you can get your moneys worth without it going off and separating before you’ve finished using it up. My favourite thing about the Naked Skin Brand is that they don’t believe in testing their products on ‘Bambi, Lassie orSkippy’ which is honestly in line with the Cruelty Free ‘Disneyvore’ stance I am trying to take my blog so I was really praying that this would work on my skin as I had fallen in love with it already. I was sent the Naked Skin Perfect Getaway Cream Cleanser and Naked Skin Thirst Aid (which I will review soon . . . promise)


Naked Skin’s Perfect Getaway Cream Cleanser is just cocoa-butterynessly amazing!!!!!!!! I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and apart from not reacting to it ONCE, I actually feel that my skin has improved. During the 2 weeks of use I didn’t use it for about 3 days (on account of not being able to find it after redecorating my room) and I actually felt that there was a difference in my skin for not using it, which motivated me to find it again (found it in the living room . . . don’t ask).

As I prefer not to wash my face at night (because I’m bone ass lazy) so this is basically my night time routine now. I use my face wipes, the Naked Skin Cream Cleanser and finish off with my Mary Kay Botanical Effects Toner but you could wash your face and then use this cleanser, really it is up to you.  I think this makeup cleanser worked for me because I am a light makeup wearer and I tend to focus more on moisturizing my skin that anything else but on the occasions when I did wear slightly heavier makeup, I don’t think this removed the makeup very well so do watch out for that if you don’t plan to use a toner. For £4.39, I think this is a great soft and gentle moisturising cleanser for sensitive skins, plus it smells so good!!!!!


I have a thing for Cocoa butter and shea butter scented products, what are your favourite skincare scents