What is better than having a creamy red lipstick land on your lap? Easy . . .  A creamy red lipstick with an inbuilt torch light!!!!
What can I say??? . . . I’m a sucker for a gimmick!!!!
New CID Cosmetics I-pout Lipstick in Scarlett is a buildable red lipstick with added Vitamin E, so it not only moisturises your lips while you wear it but it also make this scarlet shade such a comfort to wear.
On my dark skin, the orange undertones in this lipstick shade really comes to life, which really makes a change  from all the darker reds or blue toned red lipsticks I have in my collection. As this is a buildable lipstick you can either wear it as a pigmented wash of colour or as a full blown scarlett vixen.
While the white and silver packaging does help this lipstick stand out in the sea of black, sleek packaging, I personally think that the colour choice is horribly impractical!
It looks great now, but I can guarantee you that just a week in my make-up bag would turn this beauty into a not-so-glamorous mixture of black, grey and brown, with the occasional bronze shimmer. Honestly though the packaging is my only criticism of this lipstick. It is quite creamy and vibrant plus the in-built torchlight has me waving this lippie around in the dark like its a light sabre.
Like I said, I’m a sucker for a gimmick!!
Do you agree with me over the white packaging or am I being too fussy?? What about the torchlight, love it or hate it?
*Disclaimer:- I did not purchase this lipstick. It was either given to me to review or for my own personal enjoyment*