Sleek Makeup have blown it out of the park once again with their cheekily named Eau La La Liners.
Elegant in Black packaging, waterproof, pigmented and available in 20 shades. These liners can not only be used on your lips but all over your face,as an eyeshadow, eyeliner or cheek stain.
I have Tonic which is a dark green emerald shade to play with and let me just say this is just gorgeous!!!!
The vibrantly coloured bottom is an easy reminder of what shade you’re experimenting with and the outer packaging is really easy to sharpen so no messy battles with a sharpener on the way to work. I prefer my lip liners and eye liners to be quite creamy as blending and mixing up different shades is just much easier when you have a bit of texture to work with, and this liner deliver this with an added super boost of pigmentation
Honestly at £3.99 each, Sleek’s Eau La La Liners are so creamy and convenient. You really need a good excuse why you shouldn’t hoard a few.
I’m thinking of getting Noir and Lingerie next. What do you think about these liners? Have you got any because I would love to see more swatches for these.
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