So for the last few days I have gone without my normal deodorant; the one I swear by to keep be stink-free after rush-hour on the London Underground, in favour of a pump-action aluminum free option I was given at the #Livebloggers event a few weeks back.

Weleda is the world leading manufacturer of holistic,natural cosmetics and pharmaceutical for anthroposophical therapy and is driven to ensure that 62% of all ingredients used are organic and on all levels, come from a sustainable source. Vegan friendly, the 100ml  Weleda Citrus deodorant (RRP. £8.95) has organic alcohol and lemon and sweet orange essentials oils to help counteract unpleasant body odours without restricting your body’s natural functions. This dermatologically tested deodorant comes with a pump action spray and is cruelty free, free from propellants, phthalates, aluminum salts and synthetic additives.

Directions for use:


‘Apply after showering or bathing as often as necessary. For most people one application lasts all day. Do not spray in the direction of the eyes or mucous membranes;
Mucous Membranes?? (o_0) . . .what the hell is that??? Well I don’t know about not spraying it in “Mucous Membranes” (which I’m guessing has something to do with your nose) but I have been dousing my underarms with this so I think I am friendly enough with this to give an honest review and honestly I don’t think it’s strong enough to handle me.
Now I’m not saying I sweat like a pig or anything like that but I like knowing that even if I do a 5 mile walk (I don’t run)that my deodorant could still keep up with me but I don’t think the Weleda Citrus Deodorant can do that.
When first applied it smells very strong and tangy betraying the lemon tones in its formula and it dies relatively quickly on the skin but after that initially application you cant seem zilch which did make me question if it was working or not. I find that after 5 or so hours I could smell a little bit of a odour (not strong) mind you, but enough to let me know that my deodorant has warn off which really isn’t what I want from a deodorant because I don’t have the time (or even want to) be reapplying this every few hours or so.
I think this would be great if you are someone looking for a vegan and less harmful option to the deodorants that are currently available on the market but for me I don’t think this is a good fit.