How do I love Lipsticks? Let me count the ways. I love them for their pigments and scents and nourishment that my lips can feel, when blasted by the London wind . . . ok my poetic remix skills will have to end here today after all it is 8am and there is only so much Elizabeth Barrett Browning I can ruin without a cup of tea.

Happy “Only 3 more days til Friday” everyone!!!!! I’m feeling quite upbeat while I type up this review – when I really should be getting ready for work – I’ve just completed my first week in my new job *squeals*, the epic spot that emerged on my cheek from last week has all but disappeared *Thank God!* and I found an amazing nude lip butter from Rodial; which was lovingly donated to my nude lipstick stash from the Handpicked Media S/S14 lounge.


I’ve never actually tried a lip butter before (the YSL Rouge Volupte’s don’t count) so I actually don’t have anything to really compare Rodial Glamstick in Thrill RRP £19 to. The Glamsticks range seems to be a rather new innovation from Rodial as I haven’t really heard that much about it and not that many reviews seem to pop up when Googled but as there are only 3 shades available in this range and it does have quite a high price point, it’s not that surprising.


Thrill Glamstick is designed to hydrate and nourish lips and has been infused with vitamin E, cocoa butter and a few anti-oxidants. I’m a suck for a nude lip so I was bound to love and use it just for it’s shade alone but I do have to say that it’s coconut fragrance makes a nice change from the standard vanilla scent that almost every brand uses. I like how different the square, clear and silver bullet packaging is . . . I just wished my camera picked up the cool 3-D effect it has a bit better.


I would love to see if Rodial expands their range – please bring out a red if you do – but until then I’m going to try and get my sticky little fingers on Lust so that they can both go into my lipstick swatches gallery