The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Splash

When it comes to product innovation and campaigns, there’s no denying that The Body Shop are at the forefront, leading the way. You might have already heard about The Body Shop’s new Virgin Mojito Body Splash as it has been reviewed quite a bit on the blogosphere but I’m not going to lie, when I heard about The Body Shop’s Body Splash, my first thought was:-

What The Heck is a Body Splash?

And more importantly why would I want to use one??

Well a Body Splash is a super light, hydrating alternative to perfumes that is applied to the body immediately after having a shower.


I’ve been using the Virgin Mojito Body Splash for about 2 weeks now and while I wouldn’t say that my skin felt more hydrated than usual but I did feel very light and fresh on the train into Central London so I can definitely see myself using this more and more in the summer once the humidity kicks in.

Overall I think this is an interesting product BUT I also think that the body splash’s formula and packaging are at odds with each other and don’t compliment each other well. The Body Splash Formula is a very thin, watery, alcohol that seems to just RUSH out the splash bottle’s openin making it very difficult for me to apply the fragrance is specific areas of my body.

As I actually like the zesty smell of this fragrance, I think I might pop the body splay into my favourite perfume atomiser so I can spray myself with a fine mist of the Mojito body spray without worrying that I’m going to:-

  1. Spill it down my neck
  2. Drop it

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Splash costs £16 and is available to purchase from The Body Shop’s website from the 2nd June 2015

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