How excited am I that the Too Faced Metal Melted Metallic Lipstick are coming to Debenhams in the next few weeks??! I’m always insanely jealous of bloggers who live stateside as they always seem to get their hands on cool brands first BUT I’m happy I didn’t have too wait too long (approx. 2-3 months) before I got my sticky, little fingers on them. toofaced_melted_melted_metallic_liquified_lipsticks_epiphanniea_review The Too Faced Metal Melted Liquid Lipsticks pick up right where we left off with the original Too Faced Melted Lipsticks but with a few key differences with the most notable being the 90s-esque metallic, frost finish. I’ve been lucky enough to be sent all 8 shades from this range so here’s what I think so far

Berry lips are something I like “in theory” but never wear myself (which is probably why my sister steals them the minute they make it onto the blog) but I might have to fight her for the Too Faced Metallic Jelly Melted Metal Lipstick – £19 via Debenhams – as I think this cool-toned, plum lipgloss is the standout shade from this range in terms of performance. I don’t think it has as much shimmer at the other shades BUT it stayed on my lips the longest & looked the best after a few too many cups of tea.


I know I’m a nude lip lover and will normally swoon for dark rose colours like Too Faced Metallic Tutu Melted Metal Lipstick – £19 via Debenhams – but for some reason this Melted Metallic Lipstick has stolen my attention.

Yes my lips does look like foil right now (and that is supposed to be the effect) but I feel that Metallic Tutu doesn’t flat my like a nude lipstick usual does. It just settles AND sits into the lines of my lips therefore emphasising the drier patches on my lips, which isn’t great.


The Too Faced Metallic Macaron Melted Metal Lipstick – £19 via Debenhams – is an excited pink shade with a slight metallic gold shimmer that catches the light in a oh-so-gorgeous way. I’m on the fence about whether this semi-opaque gloss has a yellow undertone or not (the gold shimmer might be playing tricks with my eyes). I would say that this shade applied very well but as it started to dry, I felt it sunk into the lines of my lips a little so I would probably wear a balm underneath it in the future

toofaced_metallic_tutu_melted_metallic_liquified_lipstick_epiphanniea_review_black_dark_skin_swatch toofaced_melted_melted_metallic_liquified_lipsticks_epiphanniea_review_3 toofaced_metallic_dreamhouse_melted_metallic_liquified_lipstick_epiphanniea_review_black_dark_skin_swatc
I have to be honest here. I really wasn’t sure how what to think of Too Faced Metallic Debuntante Melted Metal Lipstick – £19 via Debenhams – while I was swatching it – Can you blame me? It’s a metallic bronze lipstick – and I’m still not sure how I feel after I have worn it.

What ‘I can say that Metallic Debutante stays true to Too Faced 90s foiled statement lips objective as this pink-orange lipstick screams 90s and you can really see the liquid-metallic effect clearly.

I have a sneaky suspicion that someone was watching “Barbie’s Magic Dreamhouse” when Too Faced Metallic Macaron Melted Metal Lipstick – £19 via Debenhams – was made as it is such a bright, bubbly pink. In terms of performance, I found that Metallic Dreamhouse lost its opacity in the areas I needed coverage the most BUT a little lipliner would sort out those issues.

I wouldn’t say that this shade was my favourite colour out of this range but I definitely think it is one of the most vibrant shades.

toofaced_metallic_debutante_melted_metallic_liquified_lipstick_epiphanniea_review_black_dark_skin_swatch toofaced_melted_melted_metallic_liquified_lipsticks_epiphanniea_review_2 toofaced_metallic_bunny_melted_metallic_liquified_lipstick_epiphanniea_review_black_dark_skin_swatch

I was definitely intrigued to find what the Too Faced Metallic Violet Melted Metal Lipstick – £19 via Debenhams – would look like as I own the matte version of this colour.

Like for like the colours are practically the same except I get about 3 hours of wear out of this lipstick (without a balm) before it disappears completely. If you didn’t like how opaque of the Melted Violet lipstick was then you should try out Too Faced Metallic Violet as the colour is softer, sweeter and a little bit more wearable


As much as I LOVE Too Faced Metallic Bunny Melted Metal Lipstick – £19 via Debenhams – name – I really don’t think that Metallic Bunny suits me but I rarely come across cool toned, baby pinks that flatters my skintone.

I have seen a few bloggers wearing it (via Google) and they looked AMAZING so I know this shade is workable. I personally wouldn’t opt for this lipstick BUT I know that it could suit you if you happen to have a lighter skin tone than me.

Last but not least we have Too Faced Metallic Peony Melted Metal Liquified Lipstick – £19 via Debenhams – which is a coral pink that could potentially work for everyone regardless of your skin colour.

I quite like Metallic Peony as it resembles my favourite nude lipstick and lipgloss combination. It also gets mega points for being fairly easy to apply and not sticky.

I have to be honest and say that I am on the fence with the foiled statement lip look – it is gorgeous but it is just not me – thankfully these lipsticks have a sheer, lustre formulation so are very wearable but I feel that the sheer elements make the Too Faced Melted Metal Lipstick lean more towards a lipgloss than a lipstick.

The Too Faced Metal Melted Liquified Lipsticks will cost £19 and will be available to purchase at Debenhams in the next few weeks (though I’m not too sure about the exact date). If you are DESPERATE to get your hands on these Metal Liquified lipstick now, then head to the Too Faced website but I have to warn you . . . shipping to the UK from the US can be a killer!