Who knew Urban Decay started off a nailpolish brand?? I didn’t!! I only found out last week that Urban Decay initially had one of the most pigmented polishes on the market is the mid-90s but was discontinued for one reason or another. After many years the Urban Decay nailpolish is back and improved to be long-wearing, chip-resistant, glossy and 5-Free – meaning that this nailpolish is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor and thanks to the super amazing people behind Urban Decay I can share with you my first experience of the Urban Decay polishes


Urban Decay Zodiac Nailpolish (RRP £10) is a dark emerald nailpolish with blue, green and purple metallic tones – think peacock but less blue and you have a good idea of the true shade of this very intense polish. The Zodiac Nailpolish is part of Urban Decay’s Limited Edition Autumn 2013 collection so it might be a bit tricky to grab now its winter but I would recommend trying you hardest as UD are only going to be releasing two limited-edition polishes each season.


Now what do I think of this polish? Simply put, it is amazing!! I can definitely see why Urban Decay started off as an indie nail polish brand because the pigmentation levels in this nailpolish is simply outstanding & the little skull at the top of the cap makes me swoon!! With only two coats, Zodiac has transformed my nails into decadent, sparkly talons and I think that is thanks to their high-performance, 400-strand brush. The brush on this polish is very thick with firm bristles, so picks up a lot of polish yet is very easy to control – which is why my nail swatch looks a lot better than usual.

As I mentioned earlier, this nailpolish is limited edition so will be a bit tricky to find but do have a bit of a scavenge online and if you do manage to grab one, let me know what you think.urban_decay_zodiac_nailpolish_dark_green_glitter_nails_epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_nail_swatch_2