I didn’t get to attend the Superdrug Summer Press Event last week due to a schedule clash BUT I’ve been lucky enough to have been sent a bundle of their 2015 exclusive summer products to review. As Superdrug houses so many amazing brands, I haven’t really had a chance to play with everything just yet – I need a whole weekend for that –  but I have pulled out a few products that instantly caught my eye, embody sunnier days, balmy nights and a fresh new season.


Advance Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush

I’m not sure how important oral hygiene is to you but for me – and my overly bleached choppers –  it is a priority which is why I was overly excited to find a sample of Advanced Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush – £24.99 via Superdrug – I use a manual toothbrush at the moment as I tend to change toothbrushes every 4-5 months but I am definitely ready to switch to a rechargeable toothbrush as this is supposed to ‘remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush’ . . . . and I really want to impress my dentist the next time he peers at my teeth.


Knight & Wilson Color Freedom Pink Pizazz Hair Dye

Why didn’t I get this like two days ago?? I could have had pink hair instead of blue!! If I had gotten the Knight & Wilson Colour-Freedom Ulta-Vibrant Non-Permanent Hair Colour – £6.99 via Superdrug – a few days ago, I could have had luscious shea butter and argan oil enriched curls. Ok, realistically I would still have had to pop over to Superdrug to get 3 more packets as I can’t do much with one packet of dye AND I can still pick up the Knight & Wilson Truly Blue Hair Dye once my current shade starts to fade out but I do feel like I lost out on an opportunity to do a great hair dye review.

As Superdrug are pushing non-permanent vibrant shade range this summer, I can convey that vibrant, statement hair shades will be on trend this summer and that they want to help you get the shade of you eclectic dreams on a budget. The Colour Freedom system contains 150ml of product in a squeezable bottle and is meant to last for 6 – 10 washes.


Lottie London Retweet Nail Polish

Lottie London is a new addition to the Superdrug beauty counter family and I have heard a few things about their products but haven’t had a chance to try anything so this will only be an initial review. Lottie is a beauty assessories brand that is marketed at anyone who is “obsessed with fresh beauty look and fashion forward accessories. I’ve been given the Lottie London Nail Polish in Retweet – £4.99 via Superdrug – which is a fun, mint green in a glass bottle that doesn’t seem to be on the Superdrug website just yet but I think that it is worth giving the Lottie London a look especially if their  ‘wanderlust’ vibe appeal to you


Sun Protection

As I’m going to Nigeria in November for my cousin’s wedding – whoop whoop – I’m stocking up on suntan lotions with UVA/UVB protection as opposed to those with a super high SPF factor . . . I have a valid reason, honest!

Time for a quick science lesson

As you probably have already noticed, my skin is quite dark and thanks to the level of melanin in my skin, I come custom built with an SPF level of 13 BUT I have do a vitamin D deficiency as I am not getting enough direct sunlight

As this is will be one of the few times in a year that my body can make vitamin d internally, my focus isn’t on protecting my skin against UBV rays (which SPF levels tends to relate) as this only reaches the superficial levels of the skin – and gives my skin a golden glow (sometimes) – but on UVA rays as these rays penetrate my skin a lot deeper than UVB rays and unprotected exposure can lead to premature aging and a suppression of the immune system which in turn can lead to skin cancer.

I’m going to taking the 24hr vitamin enriched Solait SPF 30 Moisturising Sun Lotion – £7.99 via Superdrug – with me as it claims to protect the skin against UVA & UVB rays, is water resistant (aka sweat resistant) and dermatologically approved but I think I will also take the Bondi Sands Everyday SPF 15 Gradual Tanning Milk – £10.99 via Superdrug – to use as an everyday, hydrating lotion in the off chance that I don’t quite like the Solait sun lotion or if I have a slight allergic reaction to it (as I am allergic to EVERYTHING). The Bondi Sands Tanning Milk is enriched with aloe vera extract and smells like coconut so if you happen to bump into me after my holiday and I smell like a Bounty chocolate bar, this is why.

All the products mentioned in this post will be exclusive to Superdrug this summer – click here to see the complete rang of exclusive brands available If you happen to have any summer sun holidays booked, I DEFINITELY recommend heading to your nearest Superdrug and stocking up.


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