5 Tips To Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips Over Lockdown

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Growing up with dry skin, I was infamous for my severely chapped lips; and whenever I thought I had just figured out the formula – London’s winter would appear harsher than ever. The windy breeze just seems to strip my lips dry of all moisture within a split second; putting my weeks of exfoliation and lip care straight down the drain.

With many failed products and wasted money I figured it was more than just what I put on my lips that would solve such a problem.

I believe these 5 tips helped me and regardless the state of my lips, I stick to it like my skincare routine.

Diet – You Are What You Eat

I know it sounds cliché, but the external beauty starts within.

Most of us don’t want to accept it but as humans, we tend to be dehydrated more often than we would like to admit. This is why we require a minimum of 8 glasses of water (2 litres) every day.

I try to drink a glass of water at least once every hour and it does wonders for the skip and put moisture back into your lips.

And if you know your diet is not the most healthiest or balanced, I would definitely recommend taking a multi-vitamin in case you are lacking in any, incorporating them would certainly make a difference.



Licking your lips causes another layer of skin to form on top of the lips giving the chapped appearance. Exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub, I personally exfoliate every other day at night before bed, can automatically reveal the fresh skin underneath.

t removes dead skin leaving your lips smooth and soft. I’ve personally tried a few, and despite my personal favourite lip scrubs by LUSH, a homemade sugar, lemon and oil mix will suffice.



This point is very key after exfoliation, as without it, lips can revert straight back to chapping and cracking. I personally am a big fan of the brand BLISTEX.

They have a whole range of lip ointments, treatments and balms that suit and aid the lips for all weather conditions. I also find that their lip balm formulation is extremely hydrating and kind to the lips.


You need to wear SPF (even in the winter)

We all know what SPF can do for the skin and how it protects the skin from harmful sun rays but the lips need protection just as much as anywhere else if not as your mouth is always exposed.

Personally I would recommend a lip balm that contains SPF factor of 15 minimum. Also, to stay away from lip balms with menthol or other forms of alcohol as it is a drying ingredient which makes your lips peel.



You should limit the amount of times you unnecessarily touch your lips as you’d only be transferring around bacteria and germs. Smoking is also a major factor of lifestyle that can cause lips to peel leaving them dry and chapped.

As we are currently in a pandemic and wearing masks has become the new norm – I cannot stress enough how important it is to change your mask daily. If you prefer to use reusable mask over daily disposable mask you NEED to wash it daily to prevent the spread of germs/bacteria.



Written by Wemi

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