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The Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Eau De Parfum Perfume launch came out of nowhere! SJP hasn’t launched a perfume in a good knows how long so to come out with the SJP Stash perfume and announce it was a unisex perfume definitely caught me by surprise.

I’m not sure if you have ever had the chance to try the other Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes but the SJP Stash perfume is a world away from those scents. Advertised as the “naughty, subversive sibling” of her other perfumes, Stash is presented as being much more edgy and dark.

The Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Eau De Parfum Perfume – £50 for 100ml via Superdrug – is an aromatic-woody composition suitable for both women and men. Apparently SJP pulled her inspiration for this scent from “body odors, church, leather” and a few incense and vetiver based masculine perfumes that she wears.

As this is MY blog, and I want to be as honest with you as I could possibly be,  the Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Perfume gets a big NO from me.


I just found the smell too musty and overwhelming. The fact that it lingers for too long – which is usually a positive for me – and just stifles my sense probably made me detest the fragrance even more. I would definitely implore you to try this perfume before you buy as it is not a “easy” scent that everyone will like.

The Stash SJP begins with fresh grapefruit, black pepper and sage notes, with Atlas cedar, patchouli, ginger lily and pistachios heart notes with olibanum, massoia wood, vetiver and musk acting as its base. Personally I feel that this is just WAY too much in a perfume and the grapefruit smells like its going off. I think that this SJP perfume is for a certain type of person  and the only way I might enjoy this scent is if I changed sex and aged about 50 odd years – think that old man with glasses snapchat filter.

The Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Eau De Parfum Perfume costs £50 for 100ml, £40 for 50ml and £28 for 30ml and is available to purchase from Boots and Superdrug.

Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Perfume
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