ScentAddict – The New Service For Luxury Fragrance Lovers

If you’re someone who takes a while to commit to a new perfume then the ScentAddict Subscription Service by The Fragrance Shop might be just up your street.

Personally I’m a little ‘done’ with the whole beauty subscription service hype as I’ve been exposed to it for almost 4 years – so I’m just a little tired of the entire concept – HOWEVER as this service differs from the norm.

Determined to prove why the are one of the UK’s favourite fragrance retailers, The Fragrance Shop unveiled a new way to get the UK excited about luxury perfumes again aka Scent Addict.

Scent Addict is a £12-per-month subscription service that allows customers that try new and classic scents WITH NO COMMITMENT TO PURCHASE – yes you did read that correctly (hence why it’s in bold!)

For £12 a month with free postage, you are able to chose a fragrance from the ScentAddict range and the ScentAddict team will fill a reusable 8ml atomised – which holds about 100 sprays – and send it to you. If you like what you smell, you can redeem the £12 subscription cost agaisnt the price of a full sized bottle either instore or online.

As I said, I do think the concept is very good and innovative as we don’t currently have anything similar in the UK at the moment however there aren’t any niche or extremely hard to get perfumes included in the range at the moment. The fragrances currently on offer are pretty much what you can find in any local The Fragrance Shop store, when I personally would want to try something  for example from Penhaligon or some sort of Oud fragrance as you can only get them from very specific counters.

I did speak to the ScentAddict x The Fragrance Shop team and they assured me that they will be adding more premium brands like Tom Ford to the line out – watch out 2018 – so while I think the ScentAddict Subscription Service is “ok” for now, I think it has the potential to be absolutely amazing in the near future.

Written by Epiphannie

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