This Black-Owned Candle Is Giving Me All The Boujie Vibes

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I admit it. I have an unhealthy addiction to candles.

During lockdown, I have found myself investing more and more funds into creating a positive ambience in my working space. As such, I’ve become a lot more adventurous when it comes to picking scents to make sure that my surrounding works for me and have become open to trying brands that I see mentioned on my social media feeds.

I know buying a product off social media can be a double-edged swords (and trust me I have been burnt MANY times)

However if I had never taken the chance, I would never have discovered the Elephant & Bamboo Goji Berry & Blood Orange Candle – and this eco-friendly and sustainable, black-owned candle ticks so many of my boxes.

Elephant & Bamboo was founded by a Mother and Daughter duo, who both have a passion for creating beautiful interior atmosphere. All the products in the E&B range had been designed to reflect natural sources from the African culture but in a modern, contemporary style.

The Elephant & Bamboo Goji Berry & Blood Orange Candle – £19,00 for 200ml via Elephant & Bamboo – is a vegan, Soy and Coconut wax based candle infused with “Fresh, zesty blood oranges and exotic goji berries’.

  • Top Notes: Grapefruit, Lime
  • Middle Notes: Blackcurrant, Goji Berry
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber

This sweet citrus candle is the perfect blend for anyone who is already planning on the 2021 holiday or just wants to reminisce on past summer nights (think Orange Starbusts and Citrus Cocktails)

I’ve been burning this candle on and off for 1-2 hour intervals since June – I like to match my home fragrance to my mood – and I’ve only just finished it. The luxuriously, dark citrus scent is strong enough to fill a small-medium size room very easily without being too thick.

The comes in a 5mm thick, black, glass jar that seems to absorb heat very well. This is a very important factor to note as it means that the rim of the candle is properly insulated which means that the Elephant & Bamboo candles are unlikely to tunnel.

The only issue I have with the Elephant & Bamboo Goji Berry & Blood Orange Candle is that I find the candle wick that Elephant & Bamboo have chosen to incorporate into this candle is a little bit too thick. I have to regularly trim the wick with a  candle trimmer  after each use which is a little annoying.

I will admit that I am quite fanatic when it comes to candle maintenance, so this is not a big issue for me but protective buyers might want to be aware of this.

I’m definitely going to make a another purchase very soon to support this Mother & Daughter business as I have my beady little eye on their A/W20 Gold Cherry Merlot Candle – £28.00 via Elephant & Bamboo.


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