The Wig Gurus Pure Beige Lace Tint – 50ml


The Wig Gurus Lace tint is the saviour for all Lace Wigs, Lace Frontals and Lace Closures. Prior to now, women and men of colour who love and need Lace Wigs, have had such a hard time finding products that are specific to their skins needs. In the meantime, we have stepped in and provided a fully comprehensive lace tinting system to cover all medium and deep skin tones. Our professional formula is vegan friendly and cruelty free, meaning it is a safer alternative to traditional tinting methods.

Although, pure beige is a neutral yellow based shade with cool undertones, it is ideal for very fair brown and tanned skin. But depending on how much product you use, and the type of lace you’re working on. This makes pure beige is the perfect option for fair brown and tanned skin tones.

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