I’m not going to say that my skin wasn’t great before I started using the EPARA Brightening Night Balm – because that would be a lie, I inherited great genes – but I can DEFINITELY say that my skin has seen a HUGE improvement since incorporating the EPARA Skincare Balm into my (non-existent) night time routine, my skin has been clearer and more radiant. I know this sounds like a bit of a sales pitch but if you have ever navigated the dark hole of space that we call the internet and landed up my website more than once, then you would know that I rarely endorse skincare items.

I prefer to use products with very clear and simple ingredients as my skin is VERY sensitive and a product that most bloggers love and rant about, will make me break out into a rash – and that has happened more times that I would like to count in my 6 years of blogger – but when I do find a skincare product that actually works for me and my sensitive skin, I like to make sure that I do a huge song and dance about it.

EPARA Brightening Night Balm – £100 via Epara Skincare – is a super rich and nourishing skincare balm containing “naturally-derived skin brightening actives that targets imperfections, evens skin tone and reduces hyper-pigmentation”. It comes as a cold pressed balm with the metal spoon for you to scoop the balm out of the jar and gently  pat onto your face and decolletage every night.


When I heard that the EPARA Brightening Night Balm ‘brightens’ the skin, I’m not going to lie . . .

I froze!

For a lot of women of colour, the words ‘brightening or evening out’ almost always involves some sort of skin bleaching ingredients and I do not support skin bleaching in any way or form BUT I’m happy to report that the Epara Brightening Night Balm does not brightening the skin in that way – Thank the skincare gods – what the EPARA range does is to prohibit the Tyrosinase Enzyme – which can caused an overproduction of melanin in the skin – in just the areas of your skin that that need it which evens out your skintone over time WHILE still leaving the face feeling hydrated, smooth and youthful

What makes the entire EPARA brand so special is that they are the FIRST luxury skincare brand aimed at women of colour. Even though women of colour have been well documented to spend up to three times more of cosmetics and skincare, it blows my mind that more strides have not been made to cater to our melanin-rich skintone.

The EPARA Skincare range  targets the two main skin issues faced by women of colour – pigmentation and dehydration – Even though I have quite clear skin, I do tend to suffer from dehydration – especially on the bridge of my nose – so I just have to applaud Epara Skincare’s founder; Ozohu Adoh, for not only being clear about her vision but also for releasing a 10 product range that has been clinical proven with 120 women between 20 and 59 years old to improve the overall appearance of skin over 28 days.

I’m saving up my coins so I can purchase a few more items from the Epara Range and get a back up of the Epara Brightening Night Balm because it is SO GOOD! I would definitely recommend this Balm and I implore you to find the Epara Skincare counter at Harrods to learn more about the origins, ethics and philosophy of this brand

The Epara Brightening Night Balm costs £100 and is available to purchase from the Epara Skincare website and Harrods.