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I have to admit I normally wouldn’t buy a skincare product like the MAC Redlite Strobe Cream as I’m not a huge skincare lover and I still don’t know what strobing actually does – because let’s face it there’s no difference between highlighting and strobing regardless of what the Brands say – but when I walked into MAC and asked for a product recommendation (for a blogger who has EVERYTHING) the MAC artist recommended the MAC Redlite Cream and I went with his recommendations

 . . . because what else could I do in the situation?

The MAC Redlite Strobe Cream – £25.00 via John Lewis – is a white moisturiser with a warm, pinky red tone that has been formulated to boost the look of dull skin with potent botanicals, antioxidants and iridescent pearl particles. Apparently the MAC Redlite Cream is supposed to “de-stresses, de-snoozes, hydrates, freshens and boosts the look of dull, tired-looking skin instantly”. I’ve been playing around with the MAC Redlite Strobe Cream for the best part of a month – it really takes me a while to review skincare as my skin works very well without me doing anything to it – and I feel like I could really argue against some of the claims that MAC have come up with for this cream because this moisturizer is full to the brim with pink pearly, iridescent pigments OF COURSE your skin is going to glow and look extremely bright.

The Redlite Cream has a very light texture that can be used as a light-weight primer-moisturiser hybrid product but I only used it on the areas of my face where I normally use a highlighter.The MAC Redlite Strobe Cream comes housed in a white, squeezy tube with a matte black twist up cap and is actually very easy to use and quite hygienic.

I still don’t really know why someone would ever consider this as a ‘must have’ product but maybe that’s just because I still haven’t figured out exactly how to use this.

The MAC Redlite Strobe Cream costs £25.00 and is available to purchase from John Lewis.

MAC Redlite Strobe Cream
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