Is Triple Cleansing Worth It? Or Is It Just Another Way For Skincare Companies To Sell More Products?

Until I read the Vogue article on triple cleansing late last week, I didn’t know that triple cleansing was even a thing! Last time I dipped my foot in the skincare world, everyone was buzzing about using less products and ‘skipcare’ was the buzzword of the season – so I am bit surprised that the skincare trend has done a huge 180 degree turn.

As the term suggests, triple cleansing involves cleaning your face three times before calling it a day. To triple cleanse, you have to first use a cleansing wipe or miscellar water and cotton pad combination to shift your makeup, then use a cleansing oil/balm to melt off your makeup and then finally using a water based cleanser to remove everything.

Now while I would never advice against having a squeaky clean face or cleansing your face adequately to properly remove the oil, dirt and grease you might have picked up during the day (never mind your leftover makeup), I slyly think this trend might be a bit excessive

“I actually think a triple-cleanse routine could potentially aggravate your skin”


Some might argue that going once over with a wet wipe would only add 3-5 minutes to your makeup routine – which is true – but if we sat down and thought about it, wet wipes are one of the worst skincare choices you could make.

Wet wipes are very good at removing stubborn lipsticks, mascara smudges and the occasional foundation stain you get on your favourite outfit – they are not sufficient enough to actually cleanse the face in any capacity.

If you do a quick google search, you would find that most dermatologists agree that makeup wipes don’t actually clean your skin. They just smear around the dead skin, grease, dirt and makeup on your skin whilst irritating your skin in the process.

Now while Vogue did NOT say explicitly to use a wet wipe – thank the beauty gods – they did mention using the Simple Kind to Skin Miscella Makeup Wipes to remove makeup $6 alongside the  $48 Tatcha Cleansing Oil and $65 Tatcha Rice Polish Cleanser as part of your daily skincare routine – which I feel is quite irresponsible PLUS if I am shelling out almost $120 on skincare products, best believe that $6 wet wipes probably isn’t doing much for my skin.


Vogue US – Why Triple Cleansing Is the Expert-Approved Way to Wash Your Face


If you do not wear obscene amounts of makeup on a day to day basis as part of your career choice e.g. Model or Video Presenter, then I think this skincare routine would be quite redundant and you are VERY  unlikely to see any difference to your skin


Let me know your thoughts below?
Do you think a triple cleanse routine is worth it? or do you feel like this triple cleansing trend is just another way for skincare companies to get our coins without adding anything new to their range?

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