How To Store Your Skincare To Make It Last Longer

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Purchasing the best skin care products for your skin costs a lot of money so why wouldn’t you want make sure that you are storing them properly?

With the entire beauty industry diverting their focusing on having clear, natural skin rather than covering in recent months – more people than ever are purchasing products that cater to their specific skin type. Investing in these skin care products does not come cheap, and the last thing you need is a product not living up to expectation because you didn’t take care of it properly.

Do you know that the way you store your ?  There are so many factors that can reduce how effective your products are such as

The way you store your skincare collection and the manner you might expose it to harsh elements e.g. heat, light, steam –  can alter the efficacy and longevity of a product. Th which is probably why you have heard so many people complain about their products losing its effect after a while (

It’s not the products, it’s you sweetie

To help you understand better, here are a few tips for storing your skin care products properly.

Store Your Products Away From Sunlight

Ok this should be a no-brainer, but I can’t start this post off without point out that most skincare products have the disclaimer,

keep out of direct sunlight

written on them for a reason.

Direct sun rays are not only bad for your skin, but also, for your skin care products. Sunlight has the ability to break down a lot of anti-aging and antioxidant components easily – so it is crucial for you to keep products especially Vit. C serums, Retinol and sunscreen away from direct sunlight.


Keep Your Products In A Cool Place

Keeping your skin care products in a cool place is great for all types of products. Products such as eye creams, retinoid, and vit. C serums are light sensitive so storing them in a cold and dark place like a Skincare fridge preserves the shelf life of skincare products while maintaining their efficacy.

It’s important to note that you should store the products in the fridge and not the freezer.


At freezing temperatures, most products will lose their efficacy

During the summer heatwave, I actually keep my favourite skincare products in my iceQ Black Mini Fridge – £34.99 via Amazon – as I knew that the indoor temperature of my house could cause product degradation and I spend way too much on my products to allow that to happen

Store At The Correct Temperature

As much as cold and dark places are great for different types of skin care products, there are a few that are great at normal temperature.

Face toners, oil-based face serums, and clay masks actually last long when they are stored outside a skincare fridge. Although the colder temperature will not have any effect on your toners – it can cause oil-based serums to be cloudy and separate, which reduces the efficacy. It can also make your clay-based face masks congeal and become difficult to use.


Avoid Steam

A huge practice many people love to engage in – and I’ve been guilty of this too –  is storing skin care products in the bathroom. While it may be convenient, it is one of the worst ways to care for your skincare products.

Steam and heat can easily break down several components, plus, the bathroom is the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

If you HAVE to store your skin care products in the bathroom, make sure to keep them in a cabinet to reduce the amount of steam exposure your skincare products are exposed to.

If you have made all these mistakes already, it isn’t too late to get the best of your skin care products.

Use these tips and you just might notice some difference in your next batch of skin care products.



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