Want A Glass Of Water For Your Face?

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I’m not usually the biggest fan of gel or sheet masks as I’m just a clay mask believer but being stuck indoors for a month can change a girl’s stance.

Right now keeping my skin hydration and healthy is at the top of my list so when I found out the Trilogy Hydrating Jelly Mask could give me a boost of hydration and moisture in a single product  – I HAD to try it.


The Trilogy Rosehip Hydrating Jelly Mask – £20.50 via FeelUnique – is a  powerfully natural hydrating face mask works to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types. It’s cooling formula helps to infuse hydration and nourishment into the skin in an effort to rejuvenate and plump the appearance of fine lines.

If you prefer your skincare products to be as natural as possible, then you’re going to love knowing that this Trilogy mask is actually a cruelty free, certified natural product containing plant-derived Hyaluronic acid, Rose Hip oil (which is amazing for helping to fade scarring), as well as Manuka Honey – which are all proven ingredients to restores and add moisturise to the skin.

In addition, this jelly mask contains Aloe Vera juice and KIawakawa extract which leaves your skin feeling amazingly refreshed and cleansed!


As most masks go, it is very simple to use – you simply apply the mask to a cleansed face and neck for 5-10 minutes and then rinse off. The jelly has a really smooth and light feel while retaining a thick consistency.

Despite the thicker than expected consistency, I personally didn’t think it was sticky despite the use of honey as an ingredient and felt like it apply very similarly to a gel-based skincare product.

The Trilogy Jelly Face Mask feels great on the skin – instantly cooling and soothing.

One thing I definitely didn’t expect with this mask – so I think it is worth mentioning – is that I didn’t expect the mask to dry to a thin, filmy consistency (similar way to a peel-off mask). Thankfully the mask didn’t feel tight on the skin and of course I wasn’t able to peel it off. I might be a little weird but I actually really liked this effect as it gave me the illusion that it was helping my skin become firmer.

After I rinsed off the mask, my face felt noticeable softer, more hydrated and smooth – it really works!

The only downside to the Trilogy Jelly Face Mask is that the amount of product you get doesn’t justify the price. For £20.50, the jar is incredibly quite small and you will only get 10 or so uses out of one jar.

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