Ladies . . . Let’s Talk About The Renatural Wig Fix!

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The Renatural Wig Fix Review

If you’ve been on instagram within the past few months then it’s very likely that you’ve heard of or seen The Renatural Wig Fix. If you haven’t – no shame in admitting that – then pull up a seat so I can give you a quick de-briefing on the “go-to” product for securing wigs and protecting edges that so many influencers are going crazy for.

The Renatural Wig Fix – £25.00 via Axellia London –  is a medically approved silicone band which can be worn to help to secure wigs and also to act as a protective barrier between your scalp and the inner surface of your wig.  All you have to do is place the one-size fits all band on the circumference on your head, grab your wig and place it as you normally would, on or just in front of your hairline.

 . . . And that is literally it. No fuss. No complex steps.  

Currently the Wig Fix comes in 4 skin-tone complimentary tones as well as a a translucent colour to give the ultimate invisible illusion under your wig.



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The really cool thing about The Renatural Wig Fix – which FYI I actually didn’t know before trying it on – was that the band can aid in cultivating a good environment for your skin to heal from irritation that may occur from regular wig wearing.

It has textured little bumps on both sides of the band, and the compression of the bumps on the scalp can actually help to stimulate blood flow which in turn encourages growth which is amazing!

In all honesty, the Wig Fix feels really comfortable on and is very secure and tight (but not headache inducing). It’s silicone material ensures that the wig band won’t irritate your skin while you wear it. Personally I actually forgot that I hadn’t used an adhesive to apply my wig when I tested the Wig Fix as my wig felt THAT secure on my heard. 

By now I’m sure the question you’re asking is does it actually work?

The answer is . . . kind of.

I really really wanted to 100% love this product but I can’t say that I completely do.

While the The Renatural Wig Fix does allow your wig to grip to your head to an extent but it doesn’t make your wig snatch-proof as the influencer videos may make you think. I’m not saying that the Wig Fix cannot withstand a little pull  or a little shake – because it definitely can – I’m just saying that if someone wanted to snatch my wig while I had it on . . . my wig will fly off!

Buy Now: £25.00 via Axellia London

In order for the Wig Fix to work, you NEED to be wearing it with a wig that is already well fitting. If the wig is loose fitting, the Wig Fix won’t really be able to aid the situation. – it’s not that magical.

In terms of the other claims aside from securing your wig e.g. easy application, being invisible when worn, low maintenance, headache resistant etc, I can hands down say that it definitely performs and I would absolutely recommend it especially as an aid for hair growth under wigs and to protect the hair line.

In terms of wig securing though, I have to say I’ll still be sticking to my trusty glues but I’ll definitely be using the Wig Fix alongside to protect my precious edges.




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